The 2020 Tri of Compassion

The 2020 event may not be able to go ahead as planned but we still want to keep the spirit of this race alive in 2020 and also keep raising important funds for VSAC.

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Tri-ing in a time of physical distancing

Most virtual events require athletes to have access to technologically advanced smart watches, smart trainers and/or both. Many of the athletes that race the Triathlon of Compassion are using it as a chance to “test the waters” in our sport and complete their first ever multisport event. We would like to offer everyone the chance to still compete in this years event and raise those all important funds, but in a very grass roots manner.

With that in mind, we will not require athletes to submit files or “proof” of their times, but instead we will be relying on peoples honesty and simple desire to be a part of something that is “different” but still gets to the heart of what triathlon is all about.

With events around our city being cancelled due to Covid 19 we want to give people an opportunity and a reason to get out and be active.

How it will work

Over the week of June 15th and to June 21st each adult (16+) athlete will be required to:

Swim 500m Since most pools will still likely not be open, this can be done either in Thetis Lake over a specified/ “suggested” course that we will send to competitors the week of the race or in a lake of your choosing.

Bike 20km This can be done anywhere, but you must make sure that you have measured out 20km. In many cases the flatter the better if you would like to post a FAST time. The actual bike course for the Tri of Compassion, available on this website, is a good option. You can even do it on your trainer if you can measure your distance.

Run 5km This can be done anywhere, but you must make sure that you are running 5km. Again, the actual Tri of Compassion run course is a good, scenic option. A treadmill can be your last resort.

Youth athletes will complete the distances appropriate to their age:

Youth 6-7 – 50m swim, 2K bike, 500m run.
Youth 8-9 – 100m swim, 4K bike, 1K run
Youth 10-11 – 150m swim, 6K bike, 2K run
Youth 12-13 – 200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
Youth 14-15 – 300m swim, 12K bike, 3K run

Duathlon option

For those who are not comfortable swimming in open water we are offering a duathlon option. Instead of swimming the first run distance for adults is 2K. For youth participants the first run is 200m for 6-7, 400m for 8-9, 600m for 10-11 and 12-13 and 800m for 14-15.  

Family relay

Recognizing that these times have created additional pressures on families with child care, we are offering a family relay category. Each relay member in the same family group will complete one of the three disciplines at the distance appropriate to their age.

How you will be recognized as having finished the event

By 6pm on Sunday, June 21st you will be required to submit your times for the three events and we will tabulate and post the results. All athletes who complete the event will still receive their well earned finisher medal and a celebration/recognition get together will happen at a later date when we get the all clear to gather in groups again.

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Support for VSAC

Since one of the main goals of The Triathlon of Compassion is to raise funds for The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre and since this years format will not incur the same expenses to host, we will be leaving the registration cost at the early bird price and all extra funds that would have gone into race production will be donated directly to VSAC. We encourage all racers to help in the efforts to raise funds and like all years, there will be great prizes for fundraisers which will be given out at the celebration/recognition ceremony.

Now more than ever, VSAC needs community support.